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Why Live Stream your event?

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Why Live Stream your event?

With more than 60% of event professionals broadcasting videos as the main part of their strategy for marketing, live streaming events provide creators with a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience of remote attendees, boost engagement, strengthen their social media accounts, and reduce event costs.

4 Tips for Live Streaming Your Event

1. Brainstorm your event and practice in front of a camera. Whether it be your laptop camera, cell phone camera or a professional camera, practice your part of the live stream event. Get to know your live streaming equipment. No matter what you decide to use for the event, be sure you run a several tests. Most live streaming solutions have multiple ways to magnify your content. If you prefer something lightweight such as a cell phone, be aware of battery life and stream using quality yet minimal options. If you decide to go with a live stream planner, pick a planner with a portfolio. Ideally the planner also has qualifications in audio/visual services and can give you advice on your event in the areas of marketing, social sharing, live stream platforms, content creation and audio/visual services. Don’t be afraid to ask for client references.

2. Broadcasting your event to a live online audience becomes a lot less intimidating when you’re comfortable with the team and technology, and have run many pre-tests. Be sure to consider the digital experience remote attendees will have. During your tests, try different video layouts such as landscape or portrait and test the video and audio quality. Concerns may surface and you’ll want to be equipped and knowledgeable enough to troubleshoot.

3. WiFi is necessary to support the data upload for your live stream. Run a test to determine the type of background, equipment and setup your digital event will require well in advance. Live streaming planners will likely require at minimum a laptop or desktop, switcher, ethernet connect, cameras and appropriate encoding softwares.

4. Before live streaming your event, determine what your overall goal is. What do you want your audience will get out of the live stream? Visualize how a live stream fits into the overall design of your event, and only then promote it.

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